The first program that Together in Hope was involved in was the development of a school for children affected by civil war in Uganda. From this point Together in Hope has gone on to develop feeding programs for malnourished communities, along with education programs for children under a program called Jessica's Table. Together in Hope has further developed community empowerment, higher education, teacher training, building development, and educational support programs, and every day these programs continue to grow in exciting and different directions. Every community that Together in Hope works with has the opportunity to participate in their own growth and development, so that they are the ones with the opportunity to change their lives, and in the end, they can break the cycle of poverty.

During the past four years Together in Hope has enjoyed significant growth. Together in Hope began working in the Philippines in 2008, establishing the Jessica's Table Program. Since then, this program has expanded to two other areas in the Philippines and in the Alta Mira Flores community in El Salvador. In 2011, Together in Hope launched five new programs, including teacher training programs, medical programs, feeding and educational programs, economic development programs and assisted in the opening of a youth center in Dire Dawa Ethiopia.

October 17th 2014

Together in Hope is excited to announce that thanks to you and your support of our Reason2Race campaign last year at the Woodlands Marathon, we have been able to launch a new micro credit program for two communities in the Philippines who have lost everything due to Typhoon Yolanda. The project aims to provide the beneficiaries a very significant opportunity to increase income by working together to revive their mussel or “tahong” farming which can be harvested twice a year. In between harvests, the beneficiaries earn their daily income from catching fish and crab using “bentolan”, a 2x1x1 feet cage usually made of bamboo or aluminum wire used to catch crabs around their tahong farm. There are many crabs around the areas of the farm because they get food dripping from “tahong” bivalves. A portion of the tahong harvest will be processed into tahong crackers or kropek by the women in the communities. The tahong crackers preparation will be enriched with moringa to make it more nutritious and ideal snacks for school children. The crackers will be marketed locally in the poblacion or town proper and in other town centers. Towards this, a marketing cooperation will be undertaken between the organization and an urban poor organization in Tacloban city.Even before typhoon Haiyan, the people in the communities have their own traditional practices in working together without spending cash for labor. Using their local dialects they name this practice as: “araglayon,” “burubligay”, ‘tiklos” and “pintakasi”. Thus, when the community people hear these calls from their leader, each one will volunteer to help in the different work such as clearing the areas for planting, carry the materials needed to the project site, prepare the poles to be used in the tahong farm and other related tasks. This practice proves that working together will help them cope with their situation.Where feasible, the families will maximize family labor also by raising chicken and pigs in their backyard or nearby farm.

September 5th 2014

As many children all over the world have went back to school over the last two weeks, there are millions of children who can't afford an education. You can help change that by supporting Together in Hope's work in the Philippines and Ethiopia and give a child an education they deserve! Donate now at: https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=61-1566852

August 30th 2014

Happy Birthday to our wonderful Board Member Janet. Janet is taking a twist on traditional gifts this year: "Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes! As some of you know, the children of Ethiopia hold a special place in my heart, and I'm truly blessed to serve on the board of Together in Hope , a nonprofit that serves thousands of children in that country. Nothing would fill my heart with more joy on my birthday than my friends helping me raise funds for these children that need so much! Please click the page below and read my story and learn why these children need our help. 100% of your donations are invested directly in a child. Any amount no matter how big or small is a blessing! Thanks in advance for your support http://www.razoo.com/story/Birthday-For-A-Cause-Please-Help-Families-In-Ethiopia let's make her birthday wish come true!!

August 15th 2014

There are many children in Gende Tesfa that need support. Our goal is to provide all 150 children with health and medical support. For just $35 a year you can give one child health support for year. This includes medical care, soap and hygiene products, health education and female hygiene products for girls. If you would like to support these children, please send a check with memo'-Ethiopia health' to our Houston office or donate now selecting 'Give a child a better future in Dire Dawa Ethiopia' under program. We want to give these children the dignity and support they deserve, please help us do that by donating today.

July 31st 2014

Together in Hope is excited to announce that we are supporting a new micro-credit program for the caregivers of the children attending the Youth Release, youth center in Gende Tesfa. Most caregivers earn less than $1 a day, if they can find work. The micro-credit program will train the participants in how to run a business, and also assist them with opening their own small business. The participants will work in groups and run the businesses together in order to empower the community as whole. This program will help parents and caregivers start their own small business and enable them to take care of their children.

July 5th 2014

NOW OPEN: 2015 Woodlands Marathon Registration

June 30th 2014

Together in Hope has just returned from a two week trip to the Philippines. During this trip we visited the three communities where we work in Upper Javier, Calimigan and Malis. We also met with two communities in Samar (Visayas) to learn how we can help them following Typhoon Yolanda.

Our first stop was Upper Javier, Rizal. The women shared stories about how the program has changed their lives, and the lives of their families. They also showed us the products they are making from recyclable materials. In the afternoon over 100 children came to Jessica's Table where we played games and served them a meal. We also visited the TIH preschool where two groups of 25 children come in the morning and afternoon. The children learn all preschool subjects and get a daily meal before they leave school each day.

After Rizal, we traveled to Tacloban and Samar to meet with two communities about a new project to assist with recovery following Typhoon Yolanda. Each community has organized itself into a group of 10-15 people in order to form a cooperative.Both of these communities are small fishing communities that lost all of their livelihood and tools after the Typhoon.Our goal is to work with these communities to help them get back on their feet and empower the community as a whole. Many of the people living here lost their homes, their livestock and most of their possessions, yet they are excited to work together and rebuild their community.

Our next stop was Bicol where our newest community, San Mateo is thriving. The women are making a variety of products; bags, jewelry, coasters, table mats, umbrellas, purses, and jam. They are selling these products at local markets and a number of women have been able to start their own small businesses from the profit they have made. Two women have even been able to support their daughters through college. The preschool has around 30 children aged between 4-6, there are two sessions in the morning and afternoon. Each child at the preschool gets a daily meal. On Sunday there are over 70 children that come to Jessica's Table. The women from the livelihood program cook the meals and serve them to the children.

After Bicol, we made a short visit to Malis. The program there is going great with over 200 children attending Jessica's Table each week. They are hoping to expand the program to the parents of the children by starting a small livelihood group. hank you so much to everyone for supporting our work in the Philippines, especially those who supported our team who had a Reason2Race at the Woodlands Marathon last March. Registration is open for next year's race, sign up today at http://thewoodlandsmarathon.com/ and join Team TIH here:https://my.reason2race.com/np/teamtogetherinhope

June 6th 2014

In honor of Dad, shop at AmazonSmile through 6/15/14 and Amazon will donate an extra $5 to Together In Hope. Click here to get started: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/61-1566852

May 30th 2014

Our team is getting ready to go to the Philippines in two weeks. We are excited to see all the families and children we work with and to launch the new project in Visayas. What would you like to see when we are there?

April 22nd 2014

Happy #EarthDay, you can make a difference and go green with Together in Hope . Learn how you can make a difference this earth day http://www.earthday.org/ Will you recycle with us? It’s easy and 100% free, http://www.fundingfactory.com/goals/?id=TIH

April 5th 2014

Together in Hope thinks you may have something we need: used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, and small electronics. We’d love to recycle those for you. Through our trusted greening partner FundingFactory, we can turn your recyclables into much-needed cash for victims of Typhoon Haiyan which devastated the Philippines in December.

Will you recycle with us? It’s easy and 100% free. We earn through the value of your used recyclables. Our eco-friendly Business Support Program is a cinch to implement. Simply put out a few boxes to collect recyclables and spend a few minutes packing items for shipment or dropping them off to us.

Plus, it doesn’t cost a dime. FundingFactory provides everything you need from prepaid UPS shipping to boxes and promotional materials—all available for free by delivery or download. It’s win-win. As a Business Supporter, you’ll have the ability to vastly increase the amount of e-waste we recycle and the amount of money we fundraise each year.It’s win-win.

As a Business Supporter, you’ll have the ability to vastly increase the amount of e-waste we recycle and the amount of money we fundraise each year. Through the sustainability tools http://www.fundingfactory.com/goals/?id=TIH you can track your environmental impact and even measure the charitable difference you’re making at Together in Hope. Become a Business Supporter today and help Together in hope reach our goal. Vist http://www.fundingfactory.com/goals/?id=TIH to join our greening efforts or for more information.

March 1st 2014

Thank you so much to our amazing supporters who supported our atheletes as they raced for a cause and ran for the Philippines. Our team did absolutely amazing, with one runner coming 5th in her age group! We were overwhelmed when we were presented with a check for $3,000 for Diane racing the most funds, bringing our grand total to $48,500 and the checks are still coming in! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible and for supporting this great cause.

February 26th 2014

In 2days over 30 students and community members in Upper Javier the Philippines will run their first 5k to run in solidarity with Together in Hope and to support their fellow Filipinos who have been affected by the Typhoon. We are looking for people to sponsor their efforts. Please give what you can and show them we support everything they are doing! https://my.reason2race.com/LAURAPOWER

February 19th 2014

It's been 100 days since typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Although much work still remains there have been some great achievements. Together in Hope will be traveling to the Philippines this summer to help with job development and training in Visayas.

February 14th 2014

Happy Love day from all of us at Together in Hope. We hope you are having a wonderful day, we would like to share the and thank YOU for yet another amazing year! We couldn't do it without you!! THANK YOU! http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=c5895cadd6cbddb70be37d376&id=3249b547a9&e=bceebdaf24

February 10th 2014

Wow, thank you everyone for your overwhelming support! We are a quarter of the way to our fundraising goal and still have almost 4 weeks until the big day! Thank you so much to all our donors!! https://my.reason2race.com/Event/TeamTogetherinHope

February 4th 2014

Together in Hope has been working with Harris Memorial College in the Philippines to provide relief packs for those affected by the Typhoon. Harris Memorial College works with Together in Hope in the Upper Javier squatter community. When we told them Team Together in Hope was running not only for our ongoing work in the Philippines, but also for a new job development program in Visayas, they asked if they could walk in solidarity with us. On March 1st, in Upper Javier, the Philippines, a group of students and staff and members of the Upper Javier community will be walking and running 5k to support not only their own community but also those affected by the typhoon.

Some of these are students from impoverished communities all over the Philippines and live and work with the local community in Upper Javier. We are looking for people to sponsor the students as they run for a cause. Thank you for your support of our Filipino based- Team Together in Hope and for being in solidarity with us. If you would like to sponsor a student you can donate online here: https://my.reason2race.com/LAURAPOWER Or send a check to

Together in Hope

Attn: Wendy Snead

10370 Richmond Avenue

Suite 1300

Houston, Tx 77042

Memo: Harris Students 5k

Thank you for your support!

January 31st 2014

An Invitation from the Executive Director of Together in Hope

On March 1, 2014, “Team Together in Hope” is once again running/walking the Woodlands Charity Challenge marathon, half marathon and 5K with a goal of raising $100,000 to support Together in Hope’s ongoing work in the Philippines and to launch a new job development project in typhoon devastated Visayas We need your help to reach that goal. We need YOU to DO ALL YOU CAN! Rey Santos, an American Filipino, is doing all he can. Rey is 76 years old and has just recovered from a serious illness. He has started walking again. He signed up to walk the 5k to help us raise money for the Philippines. “I don’t know if I can make it the whole way,” he told me, “but I am going to do all that I can!” What courage! What an inspiration. Will you let Rey know what a great thing he is doing by supporting his walk? You can donate to his race page at https://my.reason2race.com/Renatosantos or donate to anyone’s race by going to their race page or making a check out to Together in Hope, Memo:“Race for the Philippines” and mail it to Together in Hope, Attn: Wendy Snead, 10370 Richmond Avenue, Suite 1300, Houston, TX 77042.

Ruth Gonda, an LPN student, and Marsha Renfroe, fresh out of college and trying to get her college loans paid off, are doing all they can. Each of them is coming to Houston to run the 5k and asking their friends and co-workers to support the Philippines by donating to their races.Chinnie Gonda is in High School. She is from the Philippines and came here as a child. She went back with the Together in Hope team last year and returned to the U.S. wanting to do everything she could do help those living in poverty in the Philippines. She is running the 5k also.Others are running, walking and giving. What will you do?

I signed up to run the full marathon, but a back injury has lessened by training time and distance. I am just now back up to running 12 miles – I will probably only be able to run the half marathon, but I promise you that I will do all that I can. What about you? Will you do all that you can to help Together in Hope help the people of the Philippines build a hope-filled future?

If all you can do is pray, then pray for us, as we run and walk, that we will do so without injury, that our efforts will not be in vain, and that people will give generously.

If all you can do is give a little, then give a little - $10, $25, $50, $100 – whatever you can do, every dollar counts!

If all you can do is give a lot, then please give a lot! We need donors who can give $500, $1000, $5000, and $10,000 or more.

Together, doing all we can, we have accomplished some amazing things. Over 290 street children and orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia now have a youth center. Children at the la Rosa Blanca School in El Salvador now have a computer lab, a kitchen, healthy food to eat, school supplies and have received excellent medical and dental care. Children in squatter communities in the Philippines are getting a pre-school education and nutritious food; their parents are learning life and job skills and earning a living to support their families; and young people in those communities are getting a college education. When we each do all we can, working, Together in Hope, lives are changed. Thank you for all you have done! Let’s do it again and even more!


January 17th 2014

Race for a Cause

Join Team Together in Hope

Together in Hope is one of the official charities of the Woodlands Marathon event on March 1st. Last year we had a team of 10 runners and raised an amazing $25,000, winning the Launch Charity Challenge. We are hoping to do that and more again this year.

Our fundraising goal is $100,000 to help with economic and community development in squatter communities in the Philippines - Malis, Upper Javier, and Bicol and for job development in Visayas that was so badly hit by the Typhoon. All donations are tax deductible - Together in Hope is a public charity under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our goal is to build a team of 1,000 walkers and runners that can walk or run the 2k or 5k, run the relay, half marathon or marathon. Whatever you can do, you can be part of our team. *please note the 2k walk is on the Friday not Saturday.

The cost for each event is:

Marathon $140

Half Marathon $115

Marathon Relay- 4 person $350

5k $40

2k walk/fun run $25

You can also fund raise the cost of your entry. We are asking each team member walking the 2k to raise a minimum of $100, and the 5k, half marathon and marathon a minimum of $500.

We need your help to build our team, why not ask a group of your friends, youth group, church group, or even your own family, if they would consider being part of our team. The more people we have the bigger difference we can make.If you would like to be part of Team Together in Hope please register for your event here: https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=4337004&mailingId&recipientId&style=active

Once you are registered you need to set up your donation page here: https://my.reason2race.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fAccount%2fSignup%3fnonProfitid%3d33%26eventId%3d260&nonProfitid=33&eventId=260and click create account and follow instructions.

Once your page is set up you can start fundraising. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Laura at 832-758-2971 or email [email protected] We hope you will join Team Together in Hope and look forward to making this event our best yet!