Meet Rosette…

I’m Rosette Pagapulangan ,I am a fourth year student, 22 years old and I am going to share some story of my life.I came from a simple family, my father is working in our Barangay as a driver and my mother is a housewife. I have four siblings but unfortunately my brother died. He passed away last May, 2011. After I graduated in High school in March 2006, my parents told me that they cannot afford to send me in college. I cried and felt sad because all my classmates will continue to study and I am not.

From that time I begin to ask myself why is this happening to me until I understand that there are things that are not easy to achieve. I was just a 16 year old that time so there is no company who will accept minors because that time I decided to look for a job and save so I can have money for my tuition fee until my aunt who has a store ask me if I am willing to work in here store and she will me 500 pesos($11) a week. I agreed and I work for almost 8months but I decided to stop because I cannot save money from that work because the salary is not enough for my daily needs. That time I stayed in our house and help my mother in doing household chores until one time a friend asked me if I am willing to work in his computer services shop and I said yes even if I do not know anything about computer that time. Since I don’t know anything in operating the computer he decided to put me in the cashier. We are selling personalize items, computer parts, computer services, printing services, invitations and many more. When I was there I begin to study and learn how to make an invitation and all are services there and I learned all of them. My salary there is ranging 1,600 pesos($37) a week and I am saving some for my tuition fee. After 2years I decided to stop and I want to study. I have 15,000 pesos ($350) that time and it is good for 1 year tuition fee. I used the money I have saved and even if my father is just a driver in our Barangay he still help me. He is giving me allowance but sometimes it is not enough because there are so many things that I need to buy in our school like books, handout, projects etc. when I was on my first year of schooling I thought that I was not able to finish my studies because of the circumstances that I am experiencing but the Lord blessed me and still blessing me because He send an angel through the persons of Ptr. Diane and Laura. They are helping me to finish my studies by selling all the jewelries I made. I want to thank you guys, who are selling and buying our jewelries because by buying those products you are helping me to send in school and now I am about to finish my course. I hope that 1 day I can go there and personally express my gratitude to all of you guys. Thank you!! God Bless! -Rosette (Malis, The Philippines)

Meet Rani ….

Rani Solomon is an only child and is 8 years old. As a young child she witnessed her alcoholic father beat her mother. The domestic abuse continued until Rani’s mother left and moved into her parent’s house and began selling bread to make a living to support her and her daughter. When Rani turned 3 years old her mother died, since then she has lived with her grandparents who are 65 and 50 years old.

When she was 6, Rani registered in the nearby school but her grandparents could only afford to send her for 3 months as the only income they have is her grandfather’s pension which is not enough to support a whole family. Their living circumstances forced Rani to work to help support the family. She helps her grandmother clean houses, fetches water for the family and other household chores. In August 2011 Rani was selected to benefit from the Youth Release Project. Now she is attending school and is benefitting from other supports provided by the project. Her grandparent expressed their feeling that the project is benefiting Rani in many ways such as educational material support, school uniform, free health care services, tutorial class and, psychosocial counseling.
They also confirmed that if the project was not providing educational materials for Rani, she would stay out of school for another year, if not longer.

Meet Kevin….

From 2010-2013 Together in Hope worked in the La Rosa Blanca School in the Alta Mira Flores Community in El Salvador providing educational, nutritional, computer training and teacher training programs. Together in Hope worked with 250 children attending the La Rosa Blanca School, many of these children live in poverty, and have had difficult lives. Kevin is just one of these children, here is his story;

Kevin is a 14 year old student in the fifth grade at the Rosa Blanca School in San Salvador, El Salvador. Kevin lives in a shack made of discarded wood and plastic with his brothers and grandmothers at the base of a hill side in San Jacinto. When he was younger, Kevin and his brothers were physically and sexually abused. Subsequently, he developed learning disabilities and his parents do not have the income to send him to a special school. His economic conditions have assured him of exclusion and the risk of being recruited into a gang. Kevin depends on the school for guidance and steering away from gangs and street violence. Together in Hope supported Kevin's education and skills training to improve his life chances. Kevin attends school despite the extreme limitations of his family income. He is able to attend as no tuition is charged, and the school addresses his learning disabilities. In 2013, Together in Hope handed the project over to the community. The community is now running the programs at the school. Through TIH, the children of La Rosa Blanca School and helping other children from El Salvador. Canvases painted by the La Rosa Blanca children were donated by TIH to Justice For Our Neighbors who auctioned them off in September to raise funds for legal representation for salvadoran children who have fled to the USA to escape gang and other violence. Thank you La Rosa Blanca children.