Our Story

“In 2008, Jack and I had the privilege of setting our feet on the ground in Uganda and Rwanda, and also in the Philippines for the second time, and in El Salvador. We fell in love with the children and their precious smiles and open arms, despite the horrendous poverty and other circumstances that define their lives.

Our hearts were broken and our faith challenged – How could this be in a world of such abundance!? No child should have to live this way. What could we do? After all, we are only two people and even if we gave everything we had, it would not begin to address the need. Yet, among this atmosphere of unrelenting obstacles, the possibility of “what if” was the answer that emerged from deep within our souls. If we worked together in hope, together with these communities to empower their gifts, together with others who live in material and other forms of abundance that could be shared and joined with the rich abundance of survival, strength, endurance, and spirit of these children, we could make a difference; we could, together, change lives and communities so that they too know fullness in all aspects of their lives – body, mind, and spirit.” And thus was born Together in Hope.

~Executive Director, Diane McGehee

Together in Hope is currently working in the Philippines, El Salvador, & Ethiopia. Read more...

Where we Work

Diane McGehee founded Together in Hope with her husband Jack. Read more...

Meet The Team

There are eleven board members that serve on the advisory board of Together in Hope. Read more...

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