Alta Mira Flores

El Salvador Together in Hope had the privilege of partnering with the Alta Miraflores Community in San Salvador from 2010-2013 and has now returned that work fully to the community. While we were walking with this community we accomplished the following because of your help. Together we made a huge difference, bringing hope to many.


1. Helped finish the children’s plaques for the El Mozote Memorial where the entire village, save one, including all of the children, were massacred during the civil war.

2. Hired local workers and purchased the supplies and equipment to add a full kitchen to the La Rosa Blanca School so that the children could receive a hot meal every day for lunch.

3. Donated computers and established a computer lab for the La Rosa Blanca School, as well as training teachers in computer technology and use for education.

4. Brought much needed medical/ dental teams and medicines for the community, serving over 1000 community members, donating medicines to local physicians and dentists, as well as donating over $3000 worth of dental equipment to the local dentist who continues to serve the community.

5. Funded a full time local community organizer in the community for three years to work with the community and the school. That community organizer continues to work in the community.

6. Taught art and soccer to hundreds of children. Those children in turn painted murals of hopethat were auctioned off in the United States to help children from El Salvador who have fled tothe United States to escape gang violence.

7. Walked with and learned from the community; finding ourselves transformed in the process.

Together we made a huge difference, helping to bring a future of hope for many. Thank you for your commitment to work of Together in Hope!